MOVIE REVIEW | Funny Games (2007)

27 Dec

Bored and Dangerous

I was trying to figure out how to write about this movie without giving a single thing away.  It’s all about impact, it’s all about shock, it’s all about pushing buttons and provocation.  But then I realised I knew the story pretty well and thought I was more than prepared for it going in, and it still hit me like a freight train.  So while I’ll do my best not to giveaway any specifics or spoilers, I actually think having some idea of what to expect with Funny Games might be a necessity, because if you went in totally blind, it could be a bit too much.
A shot for shot remake of his own Austrian film from a decade earlier, Michael Heneke has something to say about film audiences, and he’s not trying to be subtle about it.  The perfect family of Naomi Watts (Ann), Tim Roth (George) and…

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How to not get rich from bitcoin

27 Dec

Turing's Invisible Hand

Bitcoin developer Amir TaakiBitcoin has been popping up in conversations lately, mostly in the context of people urging me to invest (real money) in it. But being the sad academic that I am, this mainly makes me wonder if there is some more interesting research to be done on bitcoin. Actually, “bitcoin” almost sounds like something that could have been the name of a blog on computation and economics so where better to discuss it than right here?

I found out a bit about bitcoin (no pun intended) through a great, detailed blog post by Michael Nielsen. Here are some of the points I found most interesting, very briefly summarized:

  1. Let’s say that Alice has a bitcoin. One worries that she would try to “double spend” it by giving it to Bob and Charlie. The way bitcoin deals with this is by letting the recipient broadcast the transaction, and getting other…

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WIP of the Week — Chaos Chimera (Lazy Brain Games)

27 Dec

Game Development Blog -- Kurt Waldowski

Being a big fan of  Johnny and his Lazy Brain games including Crystal Wave, Sky Scream, Factorium and Cyborg Virus, I have been closely following his development. I love the pick up and play element of his games as they entertain you from the first 10 seconds to the last 10 seconds. However, I recently stumbled upon a post of his providing details to a sequel to Factorium: Chaos Chimera. Building on an interesting combat mechanic from Factorium, you must hover your way through each level strategically deploying attacks through a drag and drop method. Being a bigger project than his various other games, Chaos Chimera is still in development. However, a downloadable build is currently available featuring one practice level and one in game level. So far, the game is very fun! There are a few bugs and changes that need to be made…

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TCG Player Fall Champs in Oregon and Likely Washington also

27 Dec

Cascade Games Blog

TCG Player Fall

Cascade Games will be holding the TCG player Fall state championships. Full details posted at ASAP.

I have a firm location for Oregon working on Washington now. Details ASAP

Quick overview

The Oregon Convention Center


Format: Standard
Structure: Swiss, cut to Top 8
Registration: 8:30 a.m.
Start: 10:00 a.m.
Entry Fee: $25.00

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Wiz Khalifa – On my Level

28 Feb

Wiz Khalifa “On my Level” On my LevelOn my Level

27 Feb


New music by
SolidStar is a Nigerian Hip hop, R&B,
dancehall, afro-pop singer and songwriter. He
sings in English, Pidgin English and his native
Isoko. He achieved national fame on the basis
of his hit single, “One in a Million” featuring
superstar, 2face.Here is something New Fro
Him Titled Everday Featuring Dialect..Listen
and share your thought!!!!

Download and Enjoy:::::::» Downlaod Here

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27 Feb

The Bradley Chronicles

FLASHFICTION prompt home-made_car

Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for all her work and organization. You can visit her site and read through the other Flash Fiction Friday postings at:

For those who are new, Rochelle shares a photo prompt to which several #FridayFictioneers compose a 100-word flash of fiction. Would you like a ride?

Here’s my contribution:


Sure she do. Mightn’t be pretty like one of them new, shiny ones, but all that’s just the outside. No? If you stroke her she purrs right good.” His rhythm and tone charmed. Rols was amazed the words hadn’t induced an immediate catatonic state.

I only need to get back to D.C.” Rols thumbed seven Franklins, handed them to the salesman.

She can do.”

Rols slid behind the wheel. “If it don’t, I’m coming back.”

Yes sir.” The salesman produced a plastic smile. “An’ remember, Mr. Rols, whatever you do…

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