MOVIE REVIEW | Funny Games (2007)

27 Dec

Bored and Dangerous

I was trying to figure out how to write about this movie without giving a single thing away.  It’s all about impact, it’s all about shock, it’s all about pushing buttons and provocation.  But then I realised I knew the story pretty well and thought I was more than prepared for it going in, and it still hit me like a freight train.  So while I’ll do my best not to giveaway any specifics or spoilers, I actually think having some idea of what to expect with Funny Games might be a necessity, because if you went in totally blind, it could be a bit too much.
A shot for shot remake of his own Austrian film from a decade earlier, Michael Heneke has something to say about film audiences, and he’s not trying to be subtle about it.  The perfect family of Naomi Watts (Ann), Tim Roth (George) and…

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